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It has been published since 2003 with a title of International Journal of Maritime Information and Communication Sciences. In 2012, this journal was greatly reformed to further improve the quality of journal, for example, title, research areas and policy of journal etc. The title was changed from the year of 2012 as Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering (J. Inf. Commun. Converg. Eng., JICCE) is an official English journal of the Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering (KIICE). It is an international, peer reviewed, and open access journal that is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Its objective is to provide rapid publications of original and significant contributions and it covers all areas related to information and communication convergence engineering including the following areas: communication system and applications, networking and services, intelligent information system, multimedia and digital convergence, semiconductors and communication devices, imaging and biomedical engineering, and computer vision and autonomous vehicles.

  • Communication
    System and
  • Intelligent
  • Multimedia
    and Digital
  • Computer Vision
    and Autonomous
  • Networking
  • Semiconductors
    and Communication
  • Imaging and
information table
Main Field Technical Field Detailed Technical Field
Communication Theory Coding theory, Information theory, Interference analysis
Next Generation Mobile and Wireless Communications Cellular systems, Mobile communications, Wireless communications, Cognitive radios
Microwave/Millimeter Wave and Broadcasting Antennas, Radio frequency, Radio propagation, Channel modeling and characterization, Antenna systems, Broadcasting
Underwater and Optical Communication Optical communications, Underwater communication, UWB communication systems
Communications Signal Processing Digital modulations and demodulations, Channel codes, Detection and estimation, Equalization, MIMO techniques, Beamforming, Collaborative signal processing
Information Communications Administration and Policy Information Communications Administration and Policy
Data Communications and Network Medium access control, Routing, Congestion control, Cross layer design and optimization
Distributed Networks Mobile ad hoc networks, Sensor networks, Vehicular networks, Underwater networks, Personal area networks, Body area networks, Internet of Thing (IOT) 
Network Security Information security, Network security, vulnerability, and defenses, DDoS, Authentication
Future Internet Content centric networks, Content distribution network (CDN), Green networks, Heterogeneous networks
Artificial Intelligence and System Artificial intelligence and system, Intelligent manufacturing (Smart factory)
Information and Systems Security Data encryption, System security, Content protection, Security application 
Computational Intelligence Fuzzy logic systems, Neural networks, Evaluation computation, Intelligent control
Big Data Big data analytics, Big data visualization, Big data curation and management, Big data semantics, Big data infrastructure, Big data security, Data mining, Graph mining, Data science, Data base
Multimedia Service and Applications Machine learning, Pattern recognition, Voice Processing, Natural Language Processing, Multimedia, Human Computer Interface
Computer Graphics and Applications Computer Graphics and Applications
Digital Contents Computer supported learning contents, Educational technology
Computer System Embedded system, Parallel/Distributed processing,  Grid/Clustering computing, Middleware 
Semiconductors Design Memory Devices and Technology, Automated design of integrated circuits and systems, Electronic packaging, SoP, 3DIC
Analog/Digital/RF Circuit Design Circuit modeling, Technology, Systems design, Layout, and Testing (related on IC design), SoC, ADC, FPGA Design, RF circuit design
Devices and Materials MOS devices and technology, Compound semiconductor devices, Solid state power devices, Device and process modelling, Device reliability, Emerging technologies and devices, Solid State sensors and actuators, 3D printing material and system 
Optical Devices and Display Optoelectronics, Display, Imaging,  Image Sensors
Signal/Power Integrity Signal/Power Integrity
Biomedical Engineering 
Image Processing Image processing, Medical image processing
Image Signal Processing Digital image processing, Digital signal processing, 3D and Stereo Imaging, Holography, compression, Audio and speech processing, Analog and mixed signal processing, DSP implementation and embedded system
Bionano and Bioinformatics Bionano and Bioinformatics
Healthcare Systems Healthcare Systems
Computer Vision and
Autonomous Vehicles
Computer Vision 3D scene analysis, Video processing and analysis, AI based image or video understanding, Object detection and tracking
Multi-Sensor Systems LiDAR, Radar, Ultrasound, GPS/IMU, Sensor systems and application for autonomous vehicles and their test beds
Vehicle Design Sensor guided control modules and their test beds
Communication and Surveillance Vehicle to vehicle, Vehicle to infrastructure, Infrastructure to vehicle, Surveillance systems, Traffic flow analysis
Mar 31, 2024 Vol.22 No.1, pp. 1~87

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