Performance Evaluation of Pixel Clustering Approaches for Automatic Detection of Small Bowel Obstruction from Abdominal Radiographs
Plain radiographic analysis is the initial imaging modality for suspected small bowel obstruction. Among the many features that affect the diagnosis of small bowel obstruction (SBO), the presence of gas-filled or fluid-filled small bowel loops is the most salient feature that can be automatized by computer vision algorithms. In this study, we compare three frequently applied pixel-clustering algorithms for extracting gas-filled areas without human intervention. In a comparison involving 40 suspected SBO cases, the Possibilistic C-Means and Fuzzy C-Means algorithms exhibited initialization-sens...
Journal of information and communication convergence engineering 2022; 20(3): 153-159
Autonomous and Asynchronous Triggered Agent Exploratory Path-planning Via a Terrain Clutter-index using Reinforcement Learning
An intelligent distributed multi-agent system (IDMS) using reinforcement learning (RL) is a challenging and intricate problem in which single or multiple agent(s) aim to achieve their specific goals (sub-goal and final goal), where they move their states in a complex and cluttered environment. The environment provided by the IDMS provides a cumulative optimal reward for each action based on the policy of the learning process. Most actions involve interacting with a given IDMS environment; therefore, it can provide the following elements: a starting agent state, multiple obstacles, agent goals,...
Journal of information and communication convergence engineering 2022; 20(3): 181-188

Current Issue Volume 20, Number 3, September 2022


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It has been published since 2003 with a title of International Journal of Maritime Information and Communication Sciences. In 2012, this journal was greatly reformed to further improve the quality of journal, for example, title, research areas and policy of journal etc. The title was changed from the year of 2012 as Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering (J. Inf. Commun. Converg. Eng., JICCE) is an official English journal of the Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering (KIICE). It is an international, peer reviewed, and open access journal that is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Its objective is to provide rapid publications of original and significant contributions and it covers all areas related to information and communication convergence engineering including the following areas: communication system and applications, networking and services, intelligent information system, multimedia and digital convergence, semiconductors and communication devices, imaging and biomedical engineering, and computer vision and autonomous vehicles.

Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering Jouranl of information and
communication convergence engineering
(J. Inf. Commun. Converg. Eng.)

eISSN 2234-8883
pISSN 2234-8255