Performance Improvement of Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm by Optimized Early Stopping for Inhomogeneous Datasets
Responding to changes in artificial intelligence models and the data environment is crucial for increasing data-learning accuracy and inference stability of industrial applications. A learning model that is overfitted to specific training data leads to poor learning performance and a deterioration in flexibility. Therefore, an early stopping technique is used to stop learning at an appropriate time. However, this technique does not consider the homogeneity and independence of the data collected by heterogeneous nodes in a differential network environment, thus resulting in low learning accurac...
Journal of information and communication convergence engineering 2023; 21(3): 198-207
Identification of Partial Discharge Defects based on Back-Propagation Algorithm in Eco-friendly Insulation Gas
This study presents a method for identifying partial discharge defects in an eco-friendly gas insulated system using a back-propagation algorithm. Four partial discharge (PD) electrode systems, namely, a free-moving particle, protrusion on the conductor, protrusion on the enclosure, and voids, were designed to simulate PD defects that can occur during the operation of eco-friendly gas-insulated switchgear. The PD signals were measured using an ultrahigh-frequency sensor as a nonconventional method based on IEC 62478. To identify the types of PD defects, the PD parameters of single PD pulses in...
Journal of information and communication convergence engineering 2023; 21(3): 233-238

Current Issue Volume 21, Number 3, September 2023


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It has been published since 2003 with a title of International Journal of Maritime Information and Communication Sciences. In 2012, this journal was greatly reformed to further improve the quality of journal, for example, title, research areas and policy of journal etc. The title was changed from the year of 2012 as Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering (J. Inf. Commun. Converg. Eng., JICCE) is an official English journal of the Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering (KIICE). It is an international, peer reviewed, and open access journal that is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Its objective is to provide rapid publications of original and significant contributions and it covers all areas related to information and communication convergence engineering including the following areas: communication system and applications, networking and services, intelligent information system, multimedia and digital convergence, semiconductors and communication devices, imaging and biomedical engineering, and computer vision and autonomous vehicles.

Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering Jouranl of information and
communication convergence engineering
(J. Inf. Commun. Converg. Eng.)

eISSN 2234-8883
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